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25th-Feb-2017 07:25 pm - best friends yunho and jaejoong..
hi guys
looking for a fanfic where yunho and jaejoong are best friends and jaejoong already in a reltionship...but when ever he is in trouble he always calls yunho and talk to him instead of his boy friend.
one particular night he gets a nightmare and calls yunho and he calms him..his boy friend has no clue he gets nightmares...i don't remeber how but yunho confess his feeling to him..
i think its a one shot..
23rd-Feb-2017 11:13 pm - - [FIC SEARCH]
hi!!! actually i'm searching a fic about yunho need a heir but he doesnt trust ianyone so He tells his problem to his driver (obvious JJ) and this very grateful because always he has received help from his boss access to his order.

pleaseI need to know if the fic is finished or even in process .. I could only read a few chapters months ago.

thank you
23rd-Feb-2017 09:41 pm - [FIC SEARCH]
Hello again! Just asking if you know any student-teacher smut fics? either student!Kim-prof!Yunho or vice versa. (top!Yunho bottom!Jaejoong)

thank you so much ♥
20th-Feb-2017 12:58 pm - [FIC SEARCH]
Hello! I'll just ask if you guys know a fic entitled "Me and My Boyfriends", wherein there are twin!Jungs and Jaejoong & can you suggest fics that has twins plot? Either 2 Yunho or 2 Jaejoongs will do, can be pwp oneshot or chaptered. Thank you so much! :)
20th-Feb-2017 02:44 am - Fic search please please help me
Yunho is a vampire king and goes hunt for food around Jaejoong's village. There was a scene where Jae was being chased by a woman who is in love with him and Yunho witnesses it. Either Yunho or the vampire that was with him killed the girl and feed on her then left afterwards but yunho could still member Jae's scent. They after a few days Yun kidnapped Jae. He told Jae that it was dangerous in the woods, the one that stood as a border between the human town and the vampure country. Yun also told him that other creatures lives in the forest. Jaejoong was turned into a slave? And Yun abuses him(I'm not quite sure about this one) jae is full of prejudice because of his looks(not sure of this one either) but he runaway from Yun's mansion during a party then ended up running into the woods to get back home. The woods/forest is where the elves lives and the elves are in feuding war against the Vamps. The elves(Changmin is one of them, u think) has long white hair like the ones on lrdnof the rings? They told some lies about JJ's parents, saying that it was the vampires that killed his parents so that he's hate the vampires and point to them where the vampires lair is so they could have the advantage and attack. There was a part where Yunho and Yoochun found Jaejoong's scent and lead them to the forest but they could find him. They waited inside a cave for someone to reveal the location of where Jae was taken whichb is up on a tree or like a wall. The entrance was leading up the tree/wall and the elves community was hidden on a somewhat cliff/overlooking. Jaejoong tried to escape from the elves and trrd climbing up the gate but failed and was summoned by the council. While he was held captive someone had told him the truth that he was being watched since he was young and also told him about how he was a mixbreed and that his parents were killed by elves and that was Yunho was drawn to him because of his blood too. Jae wasny locked in prison but in a decent room. I read it in aff or LJ(mostly sure it's aff and it's an ongoing fic. I think its an old one.

Please please please help me find it. *kneels and begs*

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17th-Feb-2017 11:27 pm - FIC SEARCH

Do anyone have the fics of the author of Crash Course, emofacekitty???
Please I want to read it but the author had deactive his AFF and I don't know where to read it...

17th-Feb-2017 12:50 am - FIC SEARCH

I am looking high school version of yunjae...but I forgot if it is incest or not
In the summary, there’s part say Jaejoong always used his look

Do anyone could recommend me?

15th-Feb-2017 09:21 pm - FIC SEARCH

Yunho want to buy a ring for his wife for their celebration, and ended buy a ring Jaejoong had that he sold and wanted to buy back

Do anyone remember?

14th-Feb-2017 09:23 am - FIC SEARCH

1. This fic Yunho slept with Jaejoong, till one year later  Jaejoong came back with baby and ask Yunho for responsibility,
2. Yunho had sister and found his sister had a baby but his sister gave the baby to Jaejoong,
Anyone remember?

14th-Feb-2017 08:41 am - FIC SEARCH

This is AFF
Yunho had confessed he's gay & still in his highschool
He was being bullied because of it but Yunho could beat them
Until one day he was beating up bad & Jaejoong found him
He loved Jaejoong right away when Jaejoong brought him to his apartment
Jaejoong is 30 years old & confessed he could pregnanylt
It was short chaptered
Anybody remember?

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